CWF parliamentary drop-in

18 July 2024

The CWFA are hosting a parliamentary drop-in for MPs to find out more about the campaign for a Community Wealth Fund and…


Budget checklist for charities: What has the sector lobbied the chancellor for?

29 April 2021

Ahead of the 2021 Budget, the Community Wealth Fund Alliance is calling on the Chancellor to adopt the Community Wealth Fund, Kirtsy…


Council calls for dormant assets to be invested in ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods

02 April 2021

Wigan Council joins a growing group of local authorities across the country supporting the Community Wealth Fund,  writes Joseph Timan in Manchester…


Fighting to ‘level up’ Sandwell’s struggling neighbourhoods

13 March 2021

Sandwell  Metropolitan Borough Council  has joined other councils across England to support long-term, targeted investment in ‘left  behind’ neighbourhoods, reports Peter John…


Anne Fry: Why the time is now for the Community Wealth Fund

01 October 2020

Anne Fry from VONNE (Voluntary Organisations’ Network North East) sets out the case for a Community Wealth Fund, and urges charities to…


Dream team

08 September 2020

Councillor Paul  Stewart outlines Sunderland City Council’s support for the Community Wealth Fund, arguing that community-led, long-term investment would transform the relationship…